The River

‘The River’ was recorded at a live event over the course of two evening sessions. It has many unique themes and musical sequences, which we are sure will be a great source of blessing to many.

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‘The River’ was recorded live over the course of two evening sessions in October 2014 when Asaph Music was providing inspirational, instrumental music to support a men’s weekend at Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre in East Sussex. There are many unique themes and musical sequences that came out of the two sessions and which we subsequently mixed down into the main tracks for the album. As with Anthems of Ascent, all of the tracks were recorded live without prior rehearsal; being Holy Spirit inspired and entirely spontaneous improvisation. However, during the final mix down and production process, we made some musical additions where inspiration led us to do so. These additions enhanced the final mastered versions whilst always keeping within the flow and anointing of the live recording.

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Flowing from the Throne

The musical themes in this track seemed like the river of life flowing out from the Throne of God. When doing the mastering of this track we added the trumpet highlights, which we believe really added to the sense of majesty and depth of the track. In addition, we included some wave sound special effects towards the end to build the idea of the Holy Spirit flooding forth in waves…

Love Comes Down

The title says it all! He sent His only son to Earth because of His great love (John 3:16). Have any of us really grasped the extent and fullness of the love Jesus has for us? As you listen to this track spend time reflecting on His perfect love for you…

The River

‘The River of God’ was a bit of a recurring theme during the two days at Crowhurst. This track paints a picture of that river.

Breath Of Heaven

This track was actually the opening theme that we were inspired to play at the first evening session. It includes a variety of breathy synth sounds and a real flute. As we rested in the Lord’s presence, we felt as if the Spirit was blowing on us; the ‘breath of Heaven’…

Latter Rain

The main theme in this track sounded like rain drops. When doing the mastering of this track we added the electric guitar highlights.

Wide as the ocean

As we were doing the first mix down from the live recording, we were inspired that the themes here were like an ocean and one of the synth sounds later into the track sounded a bit like a whale song. We were inspired to add some sound samples of real whale song. Not only were we thinking about the vastness and wonder of His creation but there is something serene and peaceful about those whales. Thinking on from this we recalled the old chorus, “Wide, wide as the ocean, high as the heaven above; Deep, deep as the deepest sea is my Saviour’s love”, which became the inspiration for the track name…


Another track using some gentle arpeggiator sequences. It seemed to paint a picture like reflections on water. When doing the mastering of this track we added the electric guitar highlights.

Living Water

Jesus said: “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me! Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’” John 7:37-39 (NLT)

Robed in Majesty

This track is probably closest to some of the themes from the Anthems of Ascent album. It centres around a majestic strings theme, and seems to be announcing the arrival of the King…

Before the captain of hosts

As we finished the first evening session, the Lord inspired us to play something quite different – a real Celtic sounding theme, led by uilleann pipes. We believe the Lord gave this theme especially as a personal blessing for our friend and fellow trustee, Stuart. It seemed like we were standing as an army together waiting for the arrival of our Captain of Hosts (Jesus). The theme starts with anticipation and then builds to a really joyful and inspiring melody as He arrives and fills our hearts with joy. When doing the final mastering of this track we added a low key amount of snare drum because that is what we heard in our heads when playing the music and it just works with the theme!

Longing for your glory (reprise)

There was one theme sequence in the original Anthems of Ascent album that was really beautiful and one of our favourites. However, because it occurs right at the end of the ‘Longing for your glory to fall’ track, which is over 31 minutes long, we thought it might easily get missed. Therefore, we decided to do a reprise of this theme sequence and draw it out in its own right in this dedicated track. It was also great to have a link between Anthems of Ascent and The River…

Full extended version of The River tracks – merged with additional tracks

The YouTube link here gives you the opportunity to listen to the entire two sessions from the men’s weekend from which The River recordings are taken, merged together in one super long track. Not only are the ten main album tracks from that night included here in their original chronological order but there are many bonus tracks that did not make the main tracks on the album but were played on one of the nights. So, if you would benefit from an uninterrupted audio experience of over 2 hours and 20 minutes of inspirational, instrumental music – played under the Lord’s anointing - this is going to be of interest to you!

Important note on use of our music

Asaph Music reserves all rights and copyright to all our works/recordings but permission is granted to play our works/recordings in whole or part in non-commercial public situations such as playing tracks during a ministry time in a church or during a session at a mental health unit, for example. However, our works/recordings may not be used in whole or part for non-commercial websites or productions or for commercial broadcasts or any other commercial purposes without the prior written agreement of Asaph Music.