Spontaneous Instrumental Worship

All of the music currently provided through this website has come from Asaph Music sessions, where we play spontaneously under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. On this page you can find more details about how we play and record and the instruments and equipment we use …

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How we play during asaph music sessions

As you will have seen on our home page, a large part of the vision of Asaph Music is to provide an inspirational, instrumental music resource for fellow believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and the wider community.

The recordings on this website were made during different Asaph sessions over the last few years. All of the tracks were performed and recorded live without prior rehearsal or musical notation; being Holy Spirit inspired and entirely spontaneous improvisation. There are times when the listener may hear changes in the pace, rhythm, dynamics or melodic theme and be aware that the performers have changed accordingly at precisely the same time. This is testament to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We have been surprised many times on listening back to what was recorded to see how in control the Lord was and what was played through us under His anointing, really in spite of us and our musical abilities! We certainly would like to give all of the glory to Him!

Once the recordings are made we then master them to ensure correct levels, stereo imagery and EQ, etc. In many cases, the tracks are entirely as originally recorded musically. For some, we made a few minor musical additions prior to final mastering but only as led by the Spirit and always keeping within the flow and anointing of the live recording. For example, a glissando on the harp might have been added to provide a simple highlight. On another we used a piano theme that appeared towards the end of the session and copied it to the beginning so that there would be a reprise. However, we were careful to ensure that none of these minor changes detracted from the spontaneous, inspired and improvised nature of the music

Instruments and Recording Equipment

We use a mixture of stage pianos, synthesisers, software instruments, samplers and ‘real’ acoustic instruments. Our favourite ‘physical’ instruments include a Yamaha CP50 stage piano, Roland XP-80 synths and the venerable Roland D-50. A great range of software synth and sampling power comes via the Native Instruments Komplete package. Finally, we must give a special mention to the extraordinary musical range and inspiration provided by the Spectrasonics Omnisphere software power synth. The man behind the sonic development of this amazing instrument is Eric Persing (and he also created many of the sounds on the Roland synths above as well). Although Eric may not be aware, he really is part of the Asaph Music sound!

All recording is done using Apple Mac computers and Steinberg Cubase software, coupled with the fantastic Universal Audio Apollo 16 audio interface, with a multitude of UAD real time processing and mastering plug-ins.